learning the basics of portrait pics

Last week I went on another photography course at Manchester Photographic. It’s the fourth course I’ve been on – this was the intermediate, I’ve already done the beginner’s, a street safari course and one taking photos of Manchester at night.

We spent time in the studio, taking portraits of each other and using lighting and reflectors. Homework in between the two days (it was a Sat/Sun course) was a self-portrait – which feels pretty weird when you’re not usually the one in the photos (as you’re usually taking them). Not sure I want to brave posting one of those up yet, but it was interesting experimenting with tin foil and card as a makeshift reflector at home, although I found unless you use a mirror (which I didn’t), it can take a LOT of shots to get a decent photo, even with a remote release!

We also went down to the canal to stage some photos of each other as different characters ‘in situ’ (there was some initial panic of ‘how am I going to find a rock star and a politician in the next hour?’ from someone who didn’t hear the full instructions to start with). Here are my best attempts at a homeless person and a politician – hopefully you can tell which is which. I don’t usually shoot in black and white, so that was a bit of an experiment too.

[I was nominated to play the rock star but obviously didn’t take any pictures of myself so I can’t show you my moody Manc-rocker-with-‘tude look, what a shame…]

photo course homeless character

photo course politician

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