Shooting fish(eye)

I must admit I hadn’t realised it had been two months since I’d last posted. Note to self: must try harder!

Well, I did manage to get through a film with my fisheye lens (I don’t know why I make it sound like such a chore – it wasn’t), but unfortunately I have since broken said lens, probably as a result of having the camera in my handbag; while convenient for taking spontaneous pictures, having it in my bag seems to have also been pretty damaging. And in fact that was part way through my third roll of film…

I only got half way through the second film when I had a walk to Manchester Cathedral and just as I was about to take a photo, I realised the film must have come loose as it wouldn’t wind on. After a bit of fiddling, I resigned myself to having to open the back of the camera and sort the film out, obviously ruining anything I exposed, but I thought I’d take the chance as I didn’t have another film with me (and also it’s such a struggle to walk the whole 10 minutes or so from the office at dinner time to come and take a photo, that clearly I had to do something there and then). I couldn’t manage to get the film back onto the spool though, so I wound it back, thinking I’d just start again and do some ‘crazy’ double exposures on the first half of the film – ha ha, aren’t I clever I thought, until I realised I’d wound the film back completely and couldn’t get the end back out*.

So I now have half a film which hasn’t been developed, most of a film which I need to finish and which (obviously) hasn’t been developed, a broken lens on my camera and…a handful of photos.

The pics below were from my first film and taken in the Tame Valley (near where I live), around Manchester and in Buxton. ‘Where are the rest of the 36 pictures?’ you might ask. Well, even though I had a fast film (800), I took quite a few indoors in the Pavillion Gardens in Buxton and they didn’t really turn out because the light was poor (even with a flash). In my defence, the weather was awful and freezing cold and I wanted to use the film, but I couldn’t face being outside for too long. (Yeah maybe I’m nesh, but it was freezing!) The indoor pics didn’t really work, and some of them were just a bit rubbish.

Despite the fact that quite a few didn’t turn out, it was worthwhile as an experiment, if only to think about framing and how much I can get into a shot. I really do need to get on with finishing off this last film, although how it’ll turn out with a damaged lens I don’t know. Maybe it’ll add a touch of artful unpredictability. I can only hope so.


*If this happens to you, try making your own film-retracting gismo via this guide at I haven’t tried it but I’m sure it will come in handy next time I do this!

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