3 o’clock dancing

3 o clock dance rulesIt’s mid-afternoon. You’re flagging a bit at work, and need a pick me up. Do you have a biscuit? A coffee? How about doing a spot of 3 o’clock dancing? Pick a song on your iPod or YouTube, get up, turn it up and throw some shapes.

We decided to give it a go at work this week. As you might expect, not everyone joined in when we tried it – in fact, some people (you know who you are!) left before we started and avoided the whole thing completely, partly because they didn’t want to dance, and partly I suspect because they thought it was just a bit stupid. Which it was, really. We also had some voyeurs and people filming, which has inspired some rules for 3 o’clock dance club (I’m aware I’m probably contravening rule 1, but I wasn’t the one to first post the rules on Twitter). Some pretty crazy moves went on and there was a lot of giggling; it definitely lightened the mood.

According to the rules which are now stuck up on the wall, it’s not going to happen every day. Which is probably not a bad thing – it might lose its appeal and irritate people if we do it too much – but as a way of doing something random every now and again to make people laugh, it works. It was a suggestion which came out of a creativity workshop earlier in the week and I’m glad we tried it – what have you got to lose? Except maybe a bit of dignity. But see rule 2, there’s no judging, so it’s all good.


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