getting in close

I took a few pictures in the local woods this weekend. For once I have a few pictures I’m quite happy with, which is unusual as I usually find that despite my best efforts, photos are either slightly out of focus, not quite framed the way I expected, or have something distracting in the background which I didn’t notice when I took them.

I think the common theme for the pictures I’ve taken this weekend is getting close to the subject. Often, I end up taking pictures of paths and woods without really focusing in on something specific, leaving me with images which look pretty boring when I get home. I’m finding that getting in really close to your subject – which might (rather un-intuitively) involve standing further away with a zoom lens – can sometimes yield the best photos. At least that seems to be the case for me anyway.

I also tried looking up and down more in these shots, to get a different perspective in my pictures. Reflections in puddles can be turned into nice photos, while crouching down a bit and looking up can give you a new angle for photographing flowers.

I think I should experiment more with lenses too. I don’t tend to use my zoom lens (70-300mm) very often, but several of these shots were taken using it proving it can be worth carrying it around as an alternative to my usual 18-55.

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