365 day project 2014

2014 was the year of the 365 day project, following the success (or at least, completion) of the original 52 week project back in 2012 (I had a rest in 2013).

This was my attempt to take a reasonably interesting photo every day in 2014. I wasn’t sure whether I’d remember to take them every day – and there were a few last minute panics and some less than amazing photos in the mix – but I did manage to complete it and overall I’m pretty happy with the quality and variety of shots I took. I’m not sure I have a favourite shot, although if you have one, get in touch as all my pictures are available as prints 🙂

I’m just editing the last few photos which will be up soon; my key failing with this project was not editing and choosing shots straight away and I ended up with a big backlog, so rather than photos every day this year I’ve started another 52 week project for 2015. Every day was good for a year, but this year I’m challenging myself with learning new photography techniques each week, and finally mastering Photoshop. I’ll post the results up on my blog.


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