A fruity theme for day 12: apples and the penultimate day of juicing

Today is the penultimate day of my 7 day juice diet. I’ve not eaten any solid food since last Monday night and I finish my diet of exclusively fruit and veg, juiced up, this Monday. I thought one of my 365 photos should commemorate my ‘juicing’ phase of the year, especially since I’ve almost finished it.

I wanted to try to break some of my bad eating (and drinking) habits, and decided I needed to do something fairly drastic if I was going to have any chance of it working – I’ve been reading a lot about habits recently and realised I needed to change my routines quite significantly to have a good chance of having a long-term impact on my diet. So I decided to try a 7 day juicing plan. No takeaways, no ready meals, no alcohol, no caffeine, just fruit and veg, some supplements like wheatgrass and spirulina ,and a small amount of yoghurt. 

It’s actually not been as difficult as I thought it would be, although it’s been hard not having any wine or a curry this weekend, as I ALWAYS have a curry on a Saturday. But not this week. Just as well the diet’s been working and the juices do actually fill you up, otherwise I think I’d have cheated…

012 apples resized

I had to go shopping today for some last juicy provisions, mainly apples, as you can probably see. When I got home, I peered into the shopping bag on the floor using a 50mm lens, and because I took it in the kitchen this afternoon when it was quite overcast, I used a separate flash (not the built in one) rather than turning on the strip light in the kitchen, so I could control the colour and light tone a bit more (I bounced the light off the wall). 

I must have eaten – or drunk – about 80 apples, as well copious amounts of other fruit and veg in the last few days, so I’ve definitely been getting more than my 5 a day. But I’m still really looking forward to having a curry next Saturday. The real test will be whether I make any changes longer-term, although I’ve just invested in a blender after discovering some really nice smoothies, so maybe breakfasts in future will consist of fewer cheese toasties and more fruit and yoghurt. I’ll have to treat myself to a toastie this week though; with the amount of cheese I usually eat I’m surprised I haven’t had cheese withdrawal symptoms in the last few days.