Weeks 7 & 8 of 52

Week 7’s portrait was taken on last Saturday’s photography course, shot with a single light source in a studio. Paul, the course tutor, told us he would convince us studio lighting was better than natural lighting by the end of the day.  And he did.

We used combinations of one light source and reflectors, and the different moods and effects you can create even with limited kit is impressive. I’ve since bought a set of reflectors after seeing how many different effects you can get from them. This shot was taken using a beauty box on its own (no reflector); the dark shadows combined with Peter’s serious expression make a moody shot.  And you wouldn’t guess it was taken against a white background.

Peter with beauty box and white background webWeek 8 was taken by the tram and bus stops at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, using a tripod and a 30 second exposure. I’ve slightly cropped it, boosted the vibrancy, warmed it up and added a bit of sharpening. On the right is the original shot.





A walk in the woods

These are a few photos from a walk in the woods near my house last Saturday (I still haven’t used up the film from the walk!). I went during the afternoon and by the time I was on my way back, the light was at its best as it was getting towards the end of the day, although I’m not sure I’ve really done it  justice. (These were all taken with my DSLR.)

On the water shots below (and the one above), I used a new variable ND filter, not something I’ve used before, so that was a bit of an experiment. I’m fairly happy as the ND was easy to use and definitely made a big difference, although don’t think the focus was quite right, and next time I’d probably try to get a bit more of the background in. But not too bad for half an hour spent fiddling. The picture on the left has a 13 second exposure, while the one on the right is only 3.2, which shows how much additional time you can expose for when you vary the ND effect. This will be great for long daytime exposures in future.